Terms + Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to any part of the Appcorna site – (Appcorna.com)  Appcorna may change, at its discretion, the Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Changes will be valid when published on the Site. Your use of the site is considered as acceptance of these changes.
Buyers: The site and uploaded content will be visible to everyone on the internet.
If you click ‘Buy’ and purchase a year access you accept the Terms and Conditions and a legal agreement between you and Appcorna will exist in relations to the use of the site.
If you are agreeing on behalf of your company, you represent that you have legal authority to bind your company to the terms of the Agreement above.
You also confirm that you are of the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which I reside (at least 18 years of age in many countries).
Purchases: Purchasing a year access on Appcorna.com gives you access to all digital content and obtain a Single license to use it.
If you buy a year acces you can not cancel the order once the order has been sent.
As a Buyer you agree that you will have access to an intangible item, a license to use a digital content, and that this kind of purchase is not eligible for re-imbursement under the PayPal Buyer Protection (User Agreement for PayPal Services – 25, February 2013 – article 13.3 of http://goo.gl/M4cly)
Licences:  Buying a source code package on Appcorna lets you use the item in a project that will be sold.
Items purchased under the single app license must not be redistributed or resold “as-is”.

All Products which says in the description that it must be Reskined then you have to reskin them.

What you can do:
•    You can integrate the component in Unlimited projects.
•    Source code can be sublicensed/distributed as part of a larger project.
•    Cannot distribute/resold the Source Code “as-is”.
•    Commercial use allowed.
•    You can customize the Source Code.
You may upload unlimited amounts of products using this source code to the Appstore, however cannot resell the source code. Offenders will not be tolerated and further action will be undertaken on all cases. Please note, Appcorna takes copyright infringement very seriously and systematically monitor the web for possible matches in coding patterns, which may arouse suspicion and cause for further investigation.

Scope of Products: In most cases support emails will be answered within 24 – 48 hours. However Appcorna is not liable or required to modify and customize source code for each individual customer.  The source code packages sold are products and do not include services such as Appcorna customizing your copy. Appcorna is also not required to provide additional support for all digital content related on the website