Swift Language – Learn the Basics – Part 1



Part 1 – Variables and Constants 

Swift, like any programming language, allows you to store and retrieve information in variables and constants. In this stage you will learn about Xcode the software used for programming in Swift. In addition, you will create a new playground in Swift to learn concepts like variables and constants.


What is Swift

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A brief overview of why Apple created Swift and what were the three key considerations when writing this modern language.


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To program in Swift we need to use the software called Xcode, which contains a new interactive environment called Playgrounds.


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Programming has a lot to do with information. You store information, retrieve information, and then you manipulate it. Learn how to store and retrieve information using variables.


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Constants are similar to variables as they too are used to store information. However, as their name states they remain constant which means their value cannot be changed.