Podradio – UI Template

iPhone and iOS UI Theme Template

Podradio is a app template designed for multimedia. Great for iPad apps and iPhone apps. The Universal Sample project runs on both iPad and iPhone.

Black leather design

The navigation bar has a sleek black leather feel. You can make your app look cool without spending alot of time and money to make a good design

Picture thumbnail with Time icon

PodRadio also features a Table list view with each cell having a thumbnail with a rounded frame. Each cell also has an icon that depicts time and can is used to adorn the duration of the track this case. In your app it can be used to depict time, an appointment date or something else.

Multimedia Icons

What is a multimedia app without the play and the pause buttons? Well, with PodRadio UI Template theme you have got   two rewind, forward, shuffle buttons. Good app icons that glow in the dark. Included in your download are design elements for both red (normal) and gray (selected) states.

Large thumbnail with lots of detail.

On the detail view, you have the option of using a large photo thumbnail that looks like it is integrated into the leather. The design element included in your download allows you have two sections, one for the caption of the image and another for the image itself. The sample XCode project already implements this for you so all you need to do is run it and modify the label and images to show your own data.

Multi colour leather buttons

Some UI elements are cool and this is one of them. These buttons add so much depth to your app, when your users see and touch it, they will appreciate the amount of effort you put in designing them.



 What is included:
-Xcode Sample Project
-iOS 6 Compatible
-. psd files
-.png artwork
-Retina 2x Support


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