Photoly – UI Template

iPhone and iOS UI Theme Template

Photoly is a fun and friendly template with a wood feel. It helps you bring your app into the new age. Photoly is a photography app template that can be used for any app that needs to show lots of images.

The navigation bar has a solid dark oak colour with a lighter shade for the UIBarButton Items on the bar. This same design can be used for your Toolbars.

Photo thumbnails

The theme has a Table list with framed photos in each cell. This can be used to display holiday pictures, profile pictures, recipe dishes or whatever you want. Each cell in the list has a 3d effect because of the drop shadow and the sample project that is included shows you how to style and design each list item.

Large photo frame display.

There is a large photo frame display on the detail page. Here you can show larger versions of your pictures in a white frame. If you want a different colour for the frame and you can tweak the included Photoshop PSD file to modify the colours. It has got tons of layers so each design element can be swapped in and out easily.

Social Buttons

An app has to be shared with your friends. Social buttons are built into the design so you can increase the viral potential of your app. There are two buttons, one for twitter and another for Facebook.


 What is included:
-Xcode Sample Project
-iOS 6 Compatible
-. psd files
-.png artwork
-Retina 2x Support


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What you can do:

  •  License does not expire
  • Can be used for creating unlimited application
  • Can be distributed in binary or object form only
  • Non-commercial use only
  • Can modify source-code but cannot distribute modifications (derivative works)