Mapper – UI Template

iPhone and iOS UI Theme Template

Mapper UI Theme template has a main screen that has a search functionality. The screens moves up and downs to accommodate the keyboard.On clicking the search button, the app shows a list of sample ATM’s. These are designed using custom UITableViewCells that have a title, address and distance to the location.

There are also fields above the UITableView to show the nearest and furthest locations.

The map view shows an annotation on a Map with the location of the selected POI (Point of Interest). The details of the selected location is shown below the map.

On the iPad version, there is one screen with a UISplitViewController. The Master controller shows a list of all the locations. The Detail Controller shows the map with the selected location.
While changing between locations, the map animates between them.

To create complete app, you have to modify the app to use your API’s or databases. This is not included.


This UI Template has a iPad retina available, main search screen plus a grey and blue leather background texture. Not to forget the navigation item texture. Also the screen moves when the keyboard comes into view. It has custom UI Table View cells with location data. A field that you can place for the nearest and furthest locations and it also includes animated map on ipad screen when switching between location



What's Included


-Xcode Sample Project
-iOS 5-6 Compatible
-. psd files
-.png artwork
-Retina 2x Support


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