Bizapp – UI Template

iPhone and iOS UI Theme Template

Bizapp is intended to showcase details that you  see on a small business website.

The services screen has a grid view that shows all the services as tabs. Clicking on each of the services will show a detail screen with more information about the selected service.
The Navigation bar on this app has a bright blue gradient.
The main screen has 2 buttons. You also have a screen that shows updates from Twitter of Facebook updates (the API’s are not implemented).

The iPad screen has a carousel at the bottom that you can swipe left and right. Selecting any of the carousel tabs will show more details about the selected item.


These are the overview feature's of bizapp UI Theme Template.
It has a iPad retina images available, the template can show mobile website information in a native app. It has a business services grid table view. Twitter and Facebook Updates. Blue gradient navigation bar is included. iPad carousel screen plus call us button feature are included. Not to forget the direction button which shows a map with an annotation.




 What is included:
-Xcode Sample Project
-iOS 5-6 Compatible
-. psd files
-.png artwork
-Retina 2x Support


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What you can do:

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  • Can be used for creating unlimited application
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  • Non-commercial use only
  • Can modify source-code but cannot distribute modifications (derivative works)