Gridlocked – UI Template

iPhone and iOS UI Theme Template

With gridlocked UI Theme Template you can have the ability to be with the big names like instagram, flipboard, why... because it gives the same killer visual experience.


Gridlocked UI Template Features

Gradient Navigation Bar


Get rid of the default iOS navigation bar and replace it with the blue gradient bar which comes with Gridlocked. This makes your app stand out because “default” stuff gets boring.

Grid View with Irregular Cells


Who says the rows of your Grid has to always start at the same place. Pinterest has pioneered the irregular cell design and it looks amazing on their site. Why can’t you have it in your app. Irregular cells lets you do this.

Table View with Self Sizing Cells


The cells in the Grid will resize themselves depending on the content in it. All you have to do is give it a hint of what the content will be and the cell will calculate its height and width.

Comments Table View


The flexibility that this template gives you is endless. Each cell can have a list of comments below it. Together with the “Share” and “Like” buttons, you can make your app social and get more engagement.

Customize as you wish


If for some reason you don’t like the sample cells we have given you, you can always add yours. The base element for all the cells is a UIView.In effect, you can replace the cells with any view you want.

Hovering Detail View


We have implemented a detail view where you can display more data for your cells. Tapping on the dishes in the Food View will popup a detail view that hovers over the background  while the main view is dimmed out.


 What is included:
-Xcode Sample Project
-iOS 5-6 Compatible
-. psd files
-.png artwork
-Retina 2x Support


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What you can do:

  •  License does not expire
  • Can be used for creating unlimited application
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  • Can modify source-code but cannot distribute modifications (derivative works)