About Appcorna

About Appcorna

Appcorna is a site where you can download all of our digital items whether it’s Full application source code’s, game’s source code’s, UI Template’s or game and app assets at a fee of $99.00 per year.
By giving this fee you can have unlimited access of all Appcorna’s digital products.
This is just the beginning, why… because we will be constantly adding more source codes for you.
By us placing more and more source code’s on the site the value will always be increasing however you can have all of it at a one-time fee every year.

Do we create the source code’s?

We have a team who create some source code’s nevertheless most of our source code’s are bought from developer’s who have given us the right to distribute their source code on  a Unlimited Licence.

Example of how Appcorna works.

John is a app developer and he is looking for a User Interface Template for his new business app, as he is searching on the internet he come’s across Appcorna.com, he finds few UI Template’s that  he likes but he can’t decide which one to get. At that moment he see’s that Appcorna is providing all the source code’s for only $99. “One UI Template could cost me $99 on it’s own, but I get all the source code’s and all the source code’s that will be added in the future for only $99…That’s a bargain” he say’s.
Get Access to all source code’s for only $99