7 Tips for App Store Optimization (ASO)


App store optimization is picking up as more and more apps are being published on the app stores. How does a developer get his apps known in the difficult market today. On iOS and Google play app store there are 2.5 million apps combined. Thats alot and its still increasing. Here are some tips for you app to be optimized.


Tip 1: Keywords

Make sure you have appropriate keywords in your title i’m not talking about description, TITLE. First thing people do is search what they think and your title of the app has to describe the app.
Many tools you can use to know what keywords are best to use.
Try : appcodes.com


Tip 2: App Icon

What do people look at first when they download an app yes its the app icon, An icon should immediately convey what an app is about, in the simplest manner possible. Complex icon designs can be difficult to distinguish on smaller devices and should be avoided.


Tip 3: Screenshots

Big part of the app is screenshots people want to know what the app looks like from the inside. Each screenshot should convey a specific benefit of the app and supplemental text should be used, whenever possible, to clarify what each screenshot is about. All available screenshot slots should be used to maximize visibility.


Tip 4: Localization

Translating an app into different languages can greatly increase downloads and expose an app to a larger potential audience. In one study, localization increased the downloads of an iPhone app by 767% (MA Magazine)


Tip 5:  Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews are also very important aspects which one should consider. Users will look for reviews of the app before downloading it. Make sure your app gets genuine reviews. In case you get some negative reviews, try to work on user’s issues and recommendations. Encourage your happy customers to put reviews for your app


Tip 6: Downloads

The number of downloads has great impact on the performance of any app. App ratings/reviews, effective social media presence are must to promote any app and increase its downloads. The more downloads and reviews effect the ranking in the app store. When you are on Top 100 in the app store you have a greater chance of your app being downloaded.

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Tip 7: Pricing

Make sure your pricing is correct, know your business plan before hand,

In general, free apps with in-app purchases usually gross more than paid apps over the lifetime of their users. But you will have to test to see how different pricing models work for you. The common models are:

  • Free with ads
  • Free with ads, paid upgrade with no ads
  • Free with in-app purchases (freemium)
  • Paid with no ads or in-app purchases

You can test what works best for you but in the end get it right